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ICT Teachers Trained to write programming codes on paper struggling to Teach E-ICT in SHS.

ICT Teachers Trained to write programming codes on paper struggling to Teach E-ICT in SHS 

Students in Computer Science and Information Technology program are those who graduate to become teachers in our Senior High Schools to teach Information and Communication Technology.

Universities in Ghana training teachers to become ICT teachers are University of Education Wineba, University of Cape Coast and Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology(KNUST).

The above Schools have an academic program that trains students to come out as ICT teachers, the program outline for the Information and Communication course at the University includes Computer programming, data structures and algorithms.

These students are to be trained with practical skills to equip them with the knowledge in Computer programming to enable them teach students coding with the computer. The universities are teaching programming on paper. Coding is practical subject which students have to code and test run and fix bugs to get a successful software.

Students in Computer Science and Information Technology learn programming and write programming exams on paper. Writing codes on paper does not make one a programmer.

When these teachers graduate and employ to teach ICT, they struggle to teach coding.

Ghana Education Service introduced coding in their new curriculum, coding to be taught from class three(3) to Senior High Schools. 

Currently the basic schools have no professional ICT teachers to teach the subject, coding has now become a theory subject in the basic schools which teachers teach on the blackboard.

Teacher Training Colleges are not teaching prospective teachers with practical coding skills. ICT is an elective subject in the Senior High Schools, due to it capital intensive, few schools are enrolled on the elective ICT. The Examination structure of elective ICT at West African Examination Council(WAEC) is in three aspects, practical examination which students write code to create a software, databases and excel on compact disk. Teachers handling these subjects are not well equipped, the universities that trained them does not have adequate infrastructure to teach them with the practical aspects, they tend to teach the subject in abstract.

Coding should be taught with computers in Schools not on chalkboard and marker boards.

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