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Jema D/A JHS pupils forced to stop academic activities after rainstorm ripped off school building

The issue about poor maintenance culture has been tackled on many different occasions but sadly, he haven't uprooted it from our system. We get to witness incidences of the negative aspects of poor maintenance culture each and everyday and it hurts so much that, we only act right when the damage has already been caused.

The students of Jema D/A Junior High School are currently stranded and do not know what to do at the moment. The rains came knocking and unfortunately had to expose the nature of their weak school building.

The roofing sheets have been ripped off, forcing the students to sit under trees. They obviously cannot sit under direct sunlight and have therefore relocated to find solace under trees.

Adom News disclosed this unfortunate event and looking at the images which came up, you feel bad for the students. Their books have been destroyed by the heavy rainfall and this in turn will affect the finances of the students because they will obviously have to purchase new ones.

I am very happy this incident didn't happen while the children were in school because we obviously would have been telling a different story.

A teacher in the school was interviewed and he had to disclose that, they were supposed to start their examinations but have been forced to put a halt to it.

Hon. Opoku Nyame was spotted at the location and assured the pupils in an interview that, he would make sure the assembly finds a classroom block for the pupils.

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