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Try these three methods to deal with stress and anxiety during examination

Examination anxieties and stress has been the key problems facing most of candidates in many schools, these are some three ways to deal with them.


1) Sit straight up min your chair in a good position.

2) Slowly inhale through your nose.

3)Hold your breath for five seconds.

4) Exhale slowly through your mouth

5) Wait for few seconds and repeat the same thing again


1) Put your feet flat on the floor.

2) Grab the underneath of the chair

3) Push down with your feet and pull up on your chair for about five seconds

4) Repeat the procedure for about two times


1) Close and cover your eyes using the center of your hands

2) prevent your hands for touching your own eyes

3) Think about real things like picture or funny videos you ever watched

4) visualize it in your mind for about ten second

The above methods can be use to deal with examination anxiety and stress. Try it and you will love it at the end. Thanks you for reading this article

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