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Meet The Young Girl With The Best Handwriting In The World.

Handwriting is the activity of writing by hand. Hand is one thing that portrays a student from the other students apart from names. Handwriting also makes our work clean, that is proper handwriting.

For a child to grow up with a proper handwriting skills, I can say, he or she must attend a proper basic school. Although, not all students or people's who attend or attended a proper basic school has good handwriting.

I'm my former school, the student who was always last in our class will be promoted to another class, just because she was having a good handwriting skills.

As at now, due to the handwriting trending, it shows that a young girl from India has the best handwriting skills in the world. Her name is Prakrit Malla. The name of her school is Age of Technology. She has won many accolades to her name due to the handwriting.

What will you say?, for a girl of her age to have the best and proper handwriting in the world.

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