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Secondary Education collapsing due to double track and Party Politics?

Secondary Education collapsing due to double track and Party Politics?

Secondary education system in Ghana is gradually collapsing due to the double track system and party politics. All is not well in the secondary education system in Ghana, but some session of Ghanaians who belongs to the political party in government sees nothing wrong with the secondary education system, they believe if they pinpoint the challenges and the shortfalls of the current conditions of our secondary schools, it will have a direct influence on their political party retaining power due to that they are all mute and cannot criticize whiles the opposition party can see from afar all the challenges and the downfalls in the secondary education system.

It’s true some Ghanaians cannot afford to pay fees and the Free Secondary Education has come to help a lot of them to enable to their children access to secondary education, the question is must we compromise quality to quantify? The fact is government cannot afford to meet the infrastructural deficit in our secondary schools, which many Ghanaians believe some components of the free Senior High school should be relief from the government, School uniform, PE kits, and boarding fees. Students can be encouraged to attend schools in their communities as day students if government improve infrastructure in the community schools.

Students who will travel outside their communities for a boarding school have to pay for the cost of boarding to relief government from financial burdens. 

Parents who can afford to pay fees have sent their children to international schools for international certifications. Senior High Schools Certificate is becoming inferior to international Certificate due to political influence.

Inadequate infrastructure in the Senior High Schools have resulted to frequent change of academic calendar, the schools does not plan their own academic calendar, schools will be in session and Ghana Education Service will release directives to Heads to break the students for the academic semester.

The double track system lacks proper planning, the academic calendar for the 2021 has been changed for three times in the academic year. Students staying out of school for a longer period results in learning lost, teachers are struggling to complete topics stipulated by the syllabus to be covered within the academic year. Teachers have to spend three to four weeks to recover learning lost hence unable to complete the topics for the academic year.

By Nedved 

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