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Teacher's Unions Becomes Toothless Bulldog Due to Partisan Politics?

Teacher's Unions Becomes Toothless Bulldog Due to Partisan Politics?

The three main teacher unions in our educational system are Ghana National Association of Teachers(GNAT), National Association of Graduate Teachers(NAGRAT) and Coalition of Concern Teachers(CCT). These Union's were once vocal in the country when it comes teachers condition of service. Their mandate is to fight for better conditions of service for teachers and negotiate for teachers remuneration.

Teachers are complaining bitterly but their unions leaders are quite. Teachers have complained about the following issues:

Upgrading of Salary and adjustment 

Responsibility allowance 

Legacy arrears 

Salary increment for 2021 

Textbooks for the new curriculum introduced at the basic schools. 

Teachers are demanding their Union leaders to carry their voice to the duty bearers, that is management of Ghana Education Service.

Salary upgrading and adjustment, a lot of teachers have had their salary upgrading documents unattended to at the GES IPPD and these teachers are expecting their Union leaders to talk on their behalf but they are silent.

Teachers legacy arrears were once dominating in the local news headlines, currently Union leaders are mute one may think the government has settled all legacy arrears but that is not the case. 

Responsibility allowance is a major concern to teachers, teachers are been tasked to perform extra duty which attracts allowances, some teachers have worked for two to three years on extra duty and they have not been paid.

Currently in Ghana prices of goods and services are on the rise, transportation, rent and food have seen a sharp increase whiles the teachers salary remains unchanged.

The teacher unions are serving their political interests not the interests of the the teachers who paid them out of their meager salaries which the unions deduct monthly as dues. They are paid by the teachers to speak on their behalf not to follow political parties. 

A lot of teachers are demanding answers as to why the three main teacher unions are silent, are they in bed with the government? These same unions leaders were very vocal sometime ago. Their complete silence is a major concern to the teachers. 

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