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The Key On How I Got Paid More Than Ghc10,000 On Opera And Stayed Top Earner Consistently

Operanews is a microblogging site that allow writers of all levels, age, tribe, etc across the country to put down their ideas into articles and be published for monetisation.

I must say Opera news is a God sent company to Ghana and whoever joined the site earlier as me will testify to that. Operanews was launched in Ghana on 14th April, 2020. This was just some few weeks after the covid-19 break and the lockdown.

Someone like me who is a student could not have survived with this lock down without operanews. Operanews shared their ads on Facebook and as someone who has writing as a passion, I did not hesitate to join, even though I did not know they pay.

On 16th April, 2020 I signed up and wrote my first article. I started learning the tips and tricks from the opera academy and my writing skills started improving. At the end of April, I was paid Ghc540.00. I was encouraged and so I intensified my writing and at the end of May, I was among the top ten earners. I stayed consistent for the whole year and still among the top ten earners! Now I can boast that more than Ghc10,000.00 have been paid to me by operanews.

Part of this amount have catered for my school fees and other payments for this semester and part of it have also been used to purchase all my school items.

Now here is the key; operanews is not discriminatory. Anyone at all can write for operanews. Meanwhile, the platform is sensitised by rules and regulations and anyone who plays by strictly following the rules and regulations will earn enough at the end of every month.

If you are poised to also make it to the top ten earners on operanews, the first thing to do is to learn the rules and regulations. Have the rules and regulations at your fingertips. Anytime you draft your article to post, the first thing to do is to meditate on the rules and regulations of the platform. I often ask myself "does this article violates any of the platform rules?" . If the answer is no, I will now proceed and publish the article.

The second thing to take into consideration is what happens after your article is published. First thing that happens is the artificial intelligence (AI) will analyze your article for its uniqueness. The artificial intelligence has been programmed to detect articles that has been reproduced by many writers on the platform. What operanews is expecting from you is to analyse any story from different angles and give thought provoking opinions on trending stories.

When you go through my articles, you will hardly see something like "breaking news, this has happened" . Personally if I don't have opinion on the story, instead of reporting the news, I wait for reactions from top personalities like celebrities, CSOs representatives etc. This brings some kind of uniqueness in my articles.

The more unique your article is, the higher the impression and the more it will be recommended to readers. Now if you get more clicks on your article, what's next?

You will wait for your reward which is the monetisation. It is also important to note how the monetisation is work so that you will not come back to blame operanews after getting low amount for high clicks. The amount you are paid depends on several factors which I have taken into consideration and it's helping me a lot.

The most important is originality and reading time of your article. Reading time depends on the length of your article and how interesting the reader finds it while reading. No one will spend ten minutes reading a boring article. Write thought provoking articles, one that will call for comments and it will increase your reading time.

Now one will ask, "so where do I get article and what am I permitted to write?" Operanews is here to help you develop your passion for writing and also pay you for it. This means operanews does not limit the type of articles you can write. Operanews accept variety of articles ranging from politics, education, entertainment, sports, lifestyle etc. Just make sure your articles conform to the platform rules and you are free to share.

Having these tips at the back of your mind means you can equally earn like me. I have paid my school fees, bought items my parent could not have purchased for me. As a student being catered for by a single parent, I feel this is more than a scholarship for me. Even though school has resumed, I still write articles and I'm paid every month. I am very grateful for operanews and the entire team for bringing this platform.

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