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WAEC Relocates Examination Centers for 50 SHS with Effect from January, 2022

The West African Examination Council (WAEC) is set to relocate Examination centers for fifty (50) Senior High Schools on their red list, who bear the cost of transportation for students? Examination malpractice has been a major headache for the WAEC to deal with, the Senior High Schools are used as examination centers for schools to write the West African Senior School Certificate Examinations (WASSCE). Students use this opportunity to engage in all forms of examination malpractice. During examination students hide their books in all the corners in the school compound including the washrooms.

Invigilators are recruited from the schools to supervise the conduct of the examinations, since the teachers are in the comfort of their school campuses, their students bribe some of them to assist them to cheat in the examination room. WAEC has caught several invigilators in some of the schools engaging in the examination malpractice.

WAEC is in the process of relocating examination centers in the Senior High Schools on the WAEC red list, these schools have been warned by the council several times to desist from examination malpractice, students have been caught in the schools using mobile phones in the examination room, books and answers written on papers. Students will bear the cost of transportation to the centers that may be assigned to the schools. Teachers recruited as invigilators by WAEC should not be allowed to supervise examinations in their schools.

The head of the school and assistants are the supervisors for the school examination center, if a school performs poorly in the West African Senior School Certificate Examination, the heads are called to the Director General’s office to answer questions. The WASSCE regional and National ranking makes the school popular if a school emerged as the best school in the region, these factors contribute to examination malpractice in the Senior High Schools.

The heads of Senior High Schools have signed a performance contract with the ministry of Education, heads are expected to meet the targets in their performance contract, heads will be rewarded if their schools performs better. Ministry of Education should provide the needed Teaching and Learning Materials for the schools. Infrastructure, furniture and a conducive atmosphere for learning to improve on academic performance.

Relocating Examination center for a school, is a punishment for students who have done nothing wrong, students who were caught in the malpractice should be dealt with not the entire school. Students in SHS2 and SH1 who are to face the consequences have not been caught in any form of examination malpractice. Relocation of examination centers will add extra cost to the school, the schools will have to provide transportation for the students to the new center. Majority of the schools have no buses, the cost of transportation is likely to be transferred to the students.

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