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Teachers Threaten to go on Strike for Delay in their Upgrading to Various Ranks

Tension is gradually building up amongst some teachers who have completed various institutions as part of their professional development but have been denied upgrading. Some of these teachers who should have been upgraded to various ranks commensurate with their current qualifications are still on their previous ranks for more than a year now.

According the aggrieved teachers, in the teaching profession, teachers who complete colleges of education and obtain Diploma certificates are placed on the rank of Senior Superintendent II. Later they are promoted to Senior Superintendent I after serving four years in the teaching profession.

At this rank, the teacher needs to obtain Degree certificate from a government accredited institution to be upgraded to the next rank of Principal Superintendent.

With this as the usual norm, teachers who successfully completed their degree courses in 2019 should have been placed on the rank of Principal Superintendent. Even more worrying is the fact that some teachers who completed in 2015 have still not been upgraded.

Most of these teachers who submitted documents for their upgrading have not been placed on their rightful ranks. Several attempts to get this done have been futile. Most of them indicated that the only reason they are being held at their previous ranks is that the Ministry of Education has not given the clearance for the upgrading, a situation they described as very worrying.

Currently, the 2020 batch of teachers who have completed their degree courses have also started processes to be upgraded. 

With a backlog from 2019 and the current batch of teachers, it is appropriate that they are promoted to their deserving ranks.

Most of these teachers have been lamenting over the failure of the government to have them upgraded. There is already an impression that the government does not treat teachers well and the current situation is a solid confirmation of the perception.

In a press release, they called on the Director General of Education to as a matter of urgency release the upgrading letters of the teachers who have gone through the necessary procedures for upgrading.

Also, the teachers have threatened to go on strike if their grievances are not addressed. 

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