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Politicians are more important than you because you allowed yourselves to be used; teachers told

In August this year, the University Teachers Association of Ghana called off their industrial strike over conditions of service after they signed a Memorandum of Understanding to have a one month negotiation with the government. But from all indications, the two parties seem not to have come to a consensus as UTAG, in a press release dated September 22, indicated the government's unwillingness to grant them their request. Consequently, Professor Gyampo, the General Secretary of UTAG-Legon branch, in a Facebook post, lamented about the situation and expressed his displeasure about why the Ghanaian please politician is enjoying better work conditions than the teacher.

Reacting to this, the self-acclaimed anti-corruption activist, Kelvin Taylor blamed the lecturers for being the course of their woes. He added the teacher unions in the country have become toothless due to the politicization of their leadership. Kelvin also asserted that the lectures should not have suspended their August strike, for that was the beginning of their end.

"The suspension of the strike was the beginning of your end, you cannot blame anybody if today you are asking how did the politician become more important than the teacher, the teachers allowed themselves to be used by the politicians, that is why today the politicians are better than the teachers," he said.

He further stressed that the politicians have become more important than the teachers because the latter has allowed the former to used and manipulate them. An example he cited was that it was an expensive mistake on the part of UTAG to have come out to say Dr. Bawumia spoke nicely to them, and as a result, they suspended their strike; a trump card they should have used to hold the government to consider their demands. 

He schooled teachers not to negotiate with Akuffo Addo and his government whom he called liars. "Never negotiate with a liar, Akuffo Addo and his government are liars", he added.

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