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Secondary Education


List Of Category B Schools In Accra 2022

Unlike the Junior High Schools, the Senior High Schools are different in so many ways. In JHS students would learn the same subjects all together, whereas students in SHS individually offer different courses and study different subjects. Though, both the Junior High and Senior High study all four core subjects.

The Secondary school's are a further step in the educational system than the Junior High. All pupils who complete the Junior High by writing BECE, move on to the secondary schools to continue with their education. Competitions are also organized among schools in the secondary sector, to check the performance of students and the schools.

A reason why schools in the secondary sector have been classified under the various categories. This provides the means, as to which people can determine the performance of certain schools. The various categories in which schools have been classified under, is A,B,C and D.

Though our focus right now is on the schools under the category B section in Accra. The reason being because many students after completing Junior High, end up enrolling in schools under this category. There are many schools in all categories, though most students are posted in the category B schools. The images above and below shows a representation of all the category B schools in Accra 2022.

Note that these schools provide the best education as all schools will.

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Accra BECE JHS SHS Senior High


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