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[+VIDEO] "Our Ladies Of Alcohol" SHS Girls Captured Drinking Alcohol On Campus, Check Out The School

With respect to the current acts and behaviors of our youth, if I am to be questioned I would say the youth of this generation are getting out of hands. It's clear the behavioral traits depicted by our youth nowadays as seen in-person and online indeed don't speak well of them at all. Just recently, we have been observing several trending acts and utterances by them such as, disclosing to snatch their colleagues boyfriends, playing the adult game, among many others.

Today, whiles surfing the internet I came across another uncompromising act depicted by a senior high school students on campus which indeed also doesn't speak well of them, hence defacing the image of the institution alongside as the popular saying goes; "One rotten nut spoils the whole soup", which was captured in a video.

Checking the video very well, it was obvious these students were busily drinking the latest trending alcoholic drink, Kpo-Keke. Moreover these SHS girls were purpoted to be students of one of the renowned single sex(female) institution in the country, Ola Girls Senior High School. As such, these ladies whiles in their classroom were enjoying themselves with the alcoholic drink as seen in the video's screenshot below:

As such several neitizens have chanced this momentous video surfacing online and some have wagged their tongues to this momentous act.

"Our Ladies Of Alcohol" as commented by realaarOn on IG, indirectly personify his view. As well as several other reactions as seen in the screenshot below:

You can also watch the video by clicking the link below:


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Our Ladies Of Alcohol SHS


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