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Primary Education


Why private schools Perform better than Government Schools in Primary

Every country needs people who are educated to make the development and the progress of the country go smoothly and Ghana is of no exceptions.But what baffles me is that in the educational sector in Ghana the private schools perform better than the government school especially during the Basic Education Certificate Examination.(B.E.C.E) and because of this I am going to pinpoint the reasons why.

1.Government school lack better infastructure and a serene environment that will make learning better.When it comes to facilities that students must use to learn the government school lack these things as a result of embezzlement of fund on the part of the people who are in charge of the schools whereas private schools do well to provide such facilities.

2.Government schools are free to attend for all and as such parents do not have to worry about tuition fees .As a result most parents do not really care about the child's school development.But in the private schools parents play a pivotal role in the life of the children and as such the children perform better.

3.There is less supervision in Government Schools.In some government schools teachers determine the when to come to school and when they come they become reluctant to teach but rather indulge in other stuff.Because of this children's performance goes down at the end of the day which affects them drastically.

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