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Kindergarten teacher decorated school block by herself

It is said that to be a teacher is not easy and it takes more than the certificate to be a teacher. Some say all of us are teachers whether educated or not since in one way or the other, you are at a point seen teaching someone or guiding someone to do something.

The eyes of this reporter had seen the tremendous work this teacher is doing in her school.

Madam Owusuaa Evelyn is a kindergarten teacher in Moley Ptaubly Presbyterian Primary School in the Jaman North District of the Bono Region. Madam Evelyn decorated her classroom with pictures she drawn by herself on the walls making the walls very beautiful and attractive.

In an exclusive interview with this reporter, she said it is always her passion and joy to see her pupils happy. "How often have the pupils seen these animals in reality? Even if they are in books, how many parents will afford to buy those books to the pupils to watch the animals in them? It is my joy when I see them (pupils) happy and therefore I took it upon myself to do something to make them happy." She said.

According to her, her morale is the happiness of the pupils. The parents of these pupils are so happy and always encourage her to do more. She said she has been teaching for eleven years now and her desire is the happiness of the kids.

"I have a great head teacher, who supported me both spiritually and physically. In fact, at a point I was down with cash and my head came in to raise funds to help me. I thank him so much. Colleague teachers also made a great impact on this project. Their support can never go unnoticed," She said.

"I am also grateful for Alenmey Julius and Debiya Benedict, JHS students who wish to learn art work. They were so helpful in a lot of things." She revealed her drawings has brought massive increase in enrollment as many parents want their kids to be enrolled in the said school.

The paintings have decorated the classroom block so that it give a bright picture of the whole school.

She said, "I am ever ready to help any other school that is ready to have my services anywhere in the country."

This teacher deserves commendation and sponsorship to do more for mother Ghana. Her passion is set. Should you wan to sponsor her, contact through the comments section.

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Evelyn Madam Owusuaa Evelyn Moley


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