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Waec Releases 2021 Wassce Timetable. (Check Out Pictures And Download PDF)

The West Africa Examination Council has released the 2021 wassce timetable for students to take note and prepare for their coming examination. Below are the dates on which every paper will be written;


English Oral: 1st September

English Language: 13th September

Core Mathematics: 20th September

Social Studies: 4th October

Integrated Science: 6th October


French Oral: 23rd August to 3rd September

French: 2nd September

Music 3A(Aural): 8th September

Elective Mathematics: 9th September

I.C.T: 10th September

Music 2 and 1: 14th September

Literature 3, 2 and 1: 16th September

Government: 22nd September

Economics: 23rd September

CRS/ IRS: 28th September

History: 29th September

Geography 3,2 and 1: 30th September

Ghanaian language and other languages: 8th October


Sculpture 2 and 1: 2nd September

Graphic Design 2 and 1: 6th September

Clothing and Textile 2 and 1: 17th September

Textiles 2 and 1: 22nd September

Picture making/ Basketry 2 and 1: 27th September

Leatherworks 2 and 1: 5th October

Ceramics: 8th October


Applied Electricity 2 and 1: 1st September

Metalworks 2 and 1: 3rd September

Building and construction 2 and 1: 14th September

Auto mechanics 2 and 1: 15th September

Woodwork 1 and 2: 17th September

Technical drawing 2 and 1: 24th September


Financial Accounting 2 and 1: 2nd September

Elective mathematics 2 and 1: 9th September

Business Management 2 and 1: 15th September

Economics 2 and 1: 23rd September

Principal of cost accounting 2 and 1: 1st October

I wish every candidate partaking in this examination very successful exams. Good luck with your examination.

DOWNLOAD the 2021 timetable >>> wassce-school-2021-timetable

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