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The best way to teach learners how to The best way to teach learners how to read

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The best way to teach reading depends on every child. No two individuals will master reading at the same time or pace and patience and persistence is a must particularly for kids who struggle with learning difficulties.

Teaching a child to read begins at birth with the reenforcement of pre-literacy skills.

Note: Most kids will officially learn how to read between the ages of 5 and 7.

One of the commonest way to teach reading is via the sounding out methods in which kids are encouraged to read aloud, pronouncing each letter or group of letters until they recognize the word by sound.

At the Same time educators will teach sight words or common vocabulary that the children can memorize in order to reduce the cognitive burden of decoding sentences. Ask kids become strong readers, they do less and less reading out loud and recognize more by sight.


1. Pre-literacy skills: Educators must use songs and rhymes that can help call their attention to the 'sssss, shhhhh' sounds.

2. One word at a Time. In the beginning, too much text can be overwhelming for a new reader. Make sure they are not too many words on a Page.

3. Illustration and big print.images can help learners in the beginning by prompting him or her to recognize the word they are reading. When it is bold it helps learners to recognize word.

4 High frequency vocabulary. Memorize words that are likely to show up in most books for children, helps reduce the cognitive load associated .

5. Graded readers

6. Constructs and interaction.

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