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Should GES Teachers Promotion Be Automatic?

Every organization in the world strive to promote their employees based on certain factors. This article critically examines whether the Ghana Education Service should promote their employees (teachers) automatically or not.

What is Teachers Promotion in Ghana? 

In Ghana a teacher is said to be promoted when the main (employer) Ghana Education Service moves an employee (teacher) up to the hierarchical levels within the service. A promotion typically allows an employee to progress to a higher position, a higher level of responsibility, and higher levels of authority within the organization. Here are the various ranks one can be promoted to in GES starting from the least to the highest. 

Superintendent I, Superintendent II, Senior Superintendent II, Senior Superintendent I, Principal Superintendent, Assistant Director II, Assistant Director I, Deputy Director and finally Director General which is mostly a political appointment. 

Should Teachers be promoted automatically for most of the ranks? 

The majority of teachers in Ghana almost spends two - thirds (2/3) of their earnings to upgrade themselves after college. After completing College, a teacher is made to wait for some years before pursuing a new course for an upgrade. 

 Yet following the GES number of years for pursing a course still does not qualify one to be automatically promoted when due. Attending Workshops , participating in organized insets services and other activities that enable them to broaden their knowledge, skills, and experience in the teaching profession are all done by the teachers. After that;

1.Work performance or output which is the most vital factor in employee promotion is usually met by the teacher due to upgrading themselves in Education and various workshops.

2. Teachers are able to improvise teaching and learning materials to supplement lesson delivery which facilitates understanding of teaching concepts and improves students performance.

The points above therefore holds because the yardstick for promoting someone is usually based on performance and skills. Hence teachers promotion should be automatic once they meet the requisite conditions.

Conditions To Be Considered By GES For Automatic Teachers Promotion.

1. Performance of the teacher - One of the most important points for evaluating when is the right time to promote an employee is to assess or evaluate his/her performance or work output over a given period of time. GES should consider performance for automatic promotion of teachers.

2. Educational/technical qualifications – The educational and technical qualifications are also a measure or decision-making tool as far as the promotion is concerned. Many teachers upgrade themselves by furthering their education either through regular, distance, or sandwich mode.

 3. Length of service (seniority) – The number of years that one has also served should be used to determine the time of promotion. For example, a teacher at the Principal Superintendent must be promoted automatically after four years of service. 

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