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College Education


University students also need support.

University ought to have been a friendly environment for many who found themselves there. However, life at the University hasn't been that great for many students. The high cost of living on campus has become a burden to many. Many students find it very hard to contribute to their academic success as they always have to worry about their condition of life .

Some factors contribute greatly to the success of a university student. Some of these factors includes; health issues, accomodations issues, and other necessaries like food, clothing and others.

A good health condition can be a major factor to the success of a student. So will a poor health condition. A student with no health issues can study and pass his or her exam with minimal hustle. However, the opposite, will struggle greatly in other to achieve the same amount of success.

Accomodation issues are of major concerns to the student. High cost of hostel rental fees and prepaid, makes it very difficult for students to live on campus with no hustle.

Most students do not work and because of this, find it difficult to settle these expenses. This is due to the fact that most parents who support these students are middle income earners.

Students turn to find others means to hustle inorder to help settle some of these needs and expenses and this has become a challenge on their academic performance and also their health. This is because inorder to keep up with the rest, they settle to less sleeping and all night studying which is detrimental to their health.

Students now seek for the support of various institutes and government agencies who have the capacity to support.

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