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I pick blocks for a living even after scoring 7 As, young man tell his story.

Another poignant tale aired on Kofi TV yesterday about a young guy who, although passing his WASSCE examinations with seven A's and a B, has been unable to complete his education due to severe financial constraints caused by domestic issues.

According to his account, this gorgeous and hardworking young guy graduated from Senior High School in 2019. No one in his class had eight A's, although eight others had seven A's. With the exception of myself, seven of the seven A's student are currently enrolled in university, he resumed his tragic story. When Kofi Adoma inquired about his parents' whereabouts, he was told that his mother was currently at the market, but that his father had been sick for some time.

Despite his desire to be a forensic psychologist, the young guy offered Business in school, according to him. According to him, he did not offer science as a program because he was not very excellent at science throughout his Junior High School education but excelled in arithmetic. And, given the choices, he had no choice but to go into business. However, he wished he had someone to help him when he was making that decision since he would not have picked the business if he had. This is because he believes there is a lot of rivalry in the employment market for people that offer business. Those who offer science and branch into medical, on the other hand, appear to have a job waiting for them once they complete their studies. These are some of the reasons why he want to study Forensic psychology, so he can be of help to the young ones some day in terms of decision making. These are some of the reasons why he wants to study forensic psychology so that he might one day assist young people in making decisions.

Instead of being in class, this child is currently picking blocks at a construction site, despite his excellent scores. He is a very hardworking young man, according to his building site boss. He claims to make roughly 20 Ghana cedis per day.

During the interview, he expressed gratitude to Mr. Osei for providing him with 200 Ghana cedis to purchase forms from the University of Ghana. We're hoping he'll be able to attend school this year. Kofi again urged with his audience to come to the aid of this young man, and some expressed interest in assisting him.

Below is the video link to the interview

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