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In The School Of Life, Failure Is A Teacher

"In life, one does not fail but rather learn because failure is a teacher."

Everyone has encountered failure regardless of the kind of person you are in life.Though you failed, you did not fail because that encounter is a learning point in life.

It teaches with the negatives. It comes in a practical way where the negatives are always known first. After the negatives have been known it will depend on the mind to bring out the positives. In this case it is only the mere mind that does not learn and it does so by repeating the same thing. There is no student who fails with the right answer within the failure but rather outside it. The right thing is fished out after failing. Even when the failure is progressing, one aspect ends before one right thing is found. Therefore negativity is always taught first but the learning starts when the mere mind is not on duty.

One would first have to attend the school of failure before graduating to the college of success. It teaches how to fail indeed. Thousand times things would not work out but one time they succeed for good. More ways to fail shall be taught compared to the ways to succeed. There will always be more understanding with how to fail than how to make it. This is because one is most often not careful when succeeding in life until failure is encountered. How to fail will be known much since the one who encounters it is an example of failure.

The actions, plans and mindsets that led to the failure do come from the same being. This happens to be the same in a situation where success has been attained. It should not look as if one is not a failure because it is a group that has encountered it. Whether it is a group or not, the mindset to and for supporting is an inclusive factor for failure. For what is remembered and learnt most is how the failure was encountered before the success was achieved.

Failure teaches that one checks oneself first. Sometimes the problem does not come from others but rather you. You should not get involved when you do not have what it takes to be involved. It is true that if you cannot beat it just join it, but it is best to leave it when you do not have what it takes. Everything starts from you and not them. If you feel it would not go well do not go near. Sometimes you blame yourself and not others because you admit that you have encountered failure. No one will show you whom you are to blame but the kind of failure you encounter will tell you. Failing is the teaching process but the learning is the point where one begins to change the mind from a mere mind to a matured mind. When the mind is not changed nothing is learnt.

The school of failure is a school that will teach you but the certificate of success is awarded by the student himself. 

Raise your head up and always keep your eyes on the road of life.

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