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We set the school ablaze because they fail to give us 'Apor' - Update from another Catholic SHS.

Education is the Key. We need Education in every aspect of our life. Education have made it possible for people to have to rise their societal status while others have occupied reputable Government works in the Country. Education have also pave way for people to learn how to read and write. It was a result of all these benefit of Education, that is why various structures were built in Ghana to accommodate students.

Senior High School is one of the levels in Ghana's Education layers. Senior high schools are ment to introduce student into the various tertiary schools, Security works or engaged in businesses by gaining skills from Vocational institutes.

The final year student in one Catholic Schools in Ghana have done the worst. They decided to set their school on fire and likely enough, they succeeded with their Wicked plans. When Angel TV reporter by name Ama Brago was speaking on Angel TV this afternoon 9th October 2021, She stated that the Student in Yinanyi Catholic Senior high school set their school ablaze because, their teachers did not allow them to send 'Apor' or cheat in the Examination Hall.

Ama Brago stated clearly that, Everything in Yinanyi Senior High School boys dormitory burnt into Ashes. When Angel TV News reporter spoke with some of the students, they claim that, their teachers were very strict on them in the Examination. Further more, their teachers undertook intensive search when they were about to enter the hall on Monday 4th October 2021.

As a result of this, they plan to burn the school. But their first attempt failed. Therefore, they decided to do it yesterday 8th October 2021. The student are saying that, they set the school ablaze ablaze because their teachers fail to help them in the exams hall and more over, they were strict on them and they did not allow them to copy, cheat or send Apor into the class room.

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