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Is this the school we used to know?

Education they say is the key to succes. It is the key to success indeed, there are some prestigious people in this world who weren't able to finish school but are ranked as top richest people with net worth over a billion dollars. Well, this is not the main idea of this context but let's get into the main reason why I'm writing this context.

I'm in deep sorrow how a school is being run by poor administration and this is indeed awful and disgusting.

Nifa Senior High School is among one of the best schools on the ridge zone. The school is currently in high mess and the administration is doing nothing. Can you imagine? How students walks for miles in order to get water to even bath not to talk about washing as well.

The water also there contains iron and this is very deadly for the throat as it can kill the person slowly. Well, the boys dormitory is also in a mess and the administration isn't doing anything about it. When rain falls the whole rooms of the boys dormitory gets flooded and this destroys some of the prior things of the students and this is really worrying.

Just recently, the school went viral because of the stature of the girls dormitory and now the boys dormitory also needs help.

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Nifa Senior High


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