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Checkout what GNAT is doing to help Teachers get their Allowance

There many allowances and emoluments that teachers ought to be given. However, most teachers do not get some of these allowances they are entitled to.

Reports from the Ashanti Region indicate that Ghana National Association Teachers (GNAT) is embarking on a vehicle evaluation of teachers cars and motor bikes.

This exercise would enable teachers who have vehicles to apply for Vehicle Maintenance Allowance.

The announcement by GNAT read, "By popular request, Kumasi Metro "B" GNAT Secretariat shall hold the next Vehicle Valuation Programme in Collaboration with STC as follows to enable Teachers to apply for Vehicle Maintenance Allowance"

The valuation exercise is slated for today, Thursday 29th April, 202, from 8 AM to 4pm. Teachers are requested to come along with Car or Bike documents, the Bike or car itself registered in your name.

The statement further admonished Teachers not pay money to anyone illegally.


SUV: 290

Saloon: 250

Bike: 100

"The STC Valuation Certificate (also known as STC Engineer's Report) is the critical document needed to apply for the Vehicle Maintenance Allowance paid to Ghana Education Service employees" the statement added.

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