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45% of SHS students brush their teeth for only 30 seconds –Research Says

Dental specialists suggest two minutes as the normal span for cleaning the teeth.

Nonetheless, discoveries from research by the Kwame Nkrumah University School of Medicine and Dentistry is announcing lower figures.

The examination distributed in the Ghana Dental diary has viewed that as 45% of SHS understudies require 30 seconds to wrap up cleaning their teeth.

The examination looked to figure out the kind of toothbrush utilized among Senior High School understudies in Kumasi, the length of brushing and the brushing strategy that they use.The researchers talked with 122 Senior High School understudies in Kumasi for the review.

The researchers drove by Dr. Joseph Abu-Sakyi tracked down that 47.5% brush two times everyday and 52% of them brush just a single time.

They again observed that 45.90% brush for just 30 seconds and the people who brush for 1-2 minutes were 13%.

"This implies the span of brushing was bad by any means," he said.

Tooth brushing strategies

There are various strategies for cleaning the teeth yet the right strategy is named as the Modified Bass Technique.

This technique is the mix of the round and the scope strategy.

"In this way, you put the brush at 90 degrees to where the gum meets the teeth and afterward roundabout developments are made and end with a compass to the tip of the tooth away from the gum. We saw that a many individuals didn't have the foggiest idea how to utilize this," said Dr. Abu-Sakyi.

He anyway observed that the mix which is the vertical and flat brushing techniques were liked by 36.1 % while the took on strategies were round and irregular.

"What various them are utilizing is the flat technique where the brush is utilized in the even bearing of the teeth.

"We additionally have the upward strategy where individuals set up their teeth and in an upward direction brush it. Others additionally utilize the round strategy where they brush around and around.

Tooth brush type

The review found 50.8% utilized medium brushes followed by 35.2% who utilize hard fibers.

He cautioned against hard shuddered brush as it very well may be harming to gums.

"At the point when you go to the market you see there are a ton of these hard brushes. What they call the smokers brush and for me it doesn't help.

"It damages the gum and a many individuals who come to the center accompany inconveniences to the gum and the teeth.

"The suggested brush for grown-ups is the medium seethed brush with a little head yet for youngsters it is smarter to utilize the delicate one," he said.

That's what he added "Occasionally you can utilize the biting stick and the biting wipe that is the conventional technique for cleaning the teeth.

"A many individuals utilize this as the sole technique, the main thing is to utilize it well. Try not to put the biting stick in your mouth and simply bite it.

"Use it as a conventional brush, select the teeth and clean the surfaces of the teeth," he said.

Content created and supplied by: Abdul-Basit (via Opera News )

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