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With No Hands: An Adisadel College Student Carries Two Desks With His Teeth (Photos)

People are known to do the unimagined and the impossible. The Guinness Book of World Records is one book that holds these impossibilities.

I remember on campus around 2016, there was a guy we called Boneless in St. Mary's Senior High, he could put his hands on a desk for us to turn his hand about 4 to 5 rotations.

How he was doing this was something hard to conceive though something similar but bigger has happened on Twitter.

An Adisadel College student's video is trending as he carries two desks with his teeth.

He was first seen with just one desk carried with no hands but by his teeth. His friends then added another desk on top.

He then walked around with two desks in the classroom as his mates hailed him as the strongest student in Adisadel College.

Students have a talented inscription on them, this shows the revolution of generations coming; greater than Samson and the unthought of.

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