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Checkout how a graduate wrote his application letter for employment. What do you think about it.

It is the dream of every graduate to complete school and be employed to earn a living. Some people get fortunate to be employed whiles others don’t. Well sometimes it has to do with what you write and how you write your application. A picture of an application letter from a perceived graduate has popped on the net and what will people are saying is quite amazing. 

The letter by Akimpelu Ayobami who hails from Ibadan in Nigeria, wrote a letter to the manager of a patrol station looking for a job. What he wrote in the letter has caused many confusion on the net. 

A section of people believe that, he was just writing it for fun because the letter has so many grammatical and spelling mistakes. However, if he really claims to have completed school he shouldn’t be writing this language. They also believe he is not a graduate to even start with, he is just deceiving the public.

Another section of people also believe he wrote it himself because the letter has his picture on it and also has his personal number on it. The also believe that he got the format of the letter right. One fascinating thing about the letter is that, he has actually quoted the salary he wants to receive at the end of the letter. This means he means business and is ready for the job.


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Akimpelu Ayobami


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