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Achimota Senior High Rastafarian Surprising Achievement That surprised The Whole School

If you all could remember there was this fight between two Rastafarian who was supposed to attend Achimota Senior High but there was an argument going vital that they can not be accepted because of their Rasta.Which this case who taken to court and they were allowed to stay and learn to prevent racist in the school cause they too had the right to study with the others too. They vowed to the public that they are going to do their best to show that despite being Rastafarian does not mean that one can not achieve his dreams. One of the two Rastafarian student involved in a legal brawl with Achimota School has topped his class in science and elective maths

The student, Tyrone Marghuy excelled in the exams despite his inability to study with the class due to his admissions battle over rasta.

Tyrone said despite inability to be like the "Normal student" they will never fail those who supported them in their situation at that time and the school for given them the chance to learn .And he is also trying his best to be part of the National Science and Maths Quiz student for Achimota Senior High.

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