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Judgement Day: Is It Fair For Ghana Education Service To Dismiss Lawless Students Who Misbehaved?

It is being said that the youths are the future leaders of Ghana. In fact, the youths are the generation of the future. But the future of Ghana can only be bright when the future leaders who are currently in school become responsible. But it seems the future of Ghana is bleak and gloomy as the youths are becoming something else. The school children in Ghana are now exercising more authority than their teachers.

This is not surprising as these children are protected by law and made untouchable by human right activists. It is not only knowledge which is acquired in school but moral values as well. The values of the society can only be inculcated in the school children when there is strict discipline in the classrooms and schools as a whole. But because school students are now protected by law, they cannot be disciplined when they misbehave.

Gone were the days were you cannot rub shoulders with elderly people or school authorities. The corporal punishments which were instant justice for misbehaving, were given to students. Nowadays, the Senior high school students in Ghana are misbehaving and no one seems to care. Those children are aware that there are laws protecting them so they can misbehave with impunity. But our actions to protect students against all odds, are blowing back into our faces.

The very people who have made such laws to protect students including the recalcitrant ones, are now seeing the reality on the ground. Today, senior high school students are twerking in the confines of the school with impunity. Where do they get the smartphones from, to capture such obscene scenes.? This, we will not get an answer. Recently, the very first batch of the free Senior high school policy are in the news for the wrong reasons.

Those students who think it is just easy to sail through the Senior high schools without making much efforts have taken their ignorance to another level. You can see their reactions in the media so we will not delve into that one much. Insulting and abusing school authorities, vandalising school properties and insulting the President of the country! Can you imagine that?

This is why the Ghana Education Service has come out to deal with the issue. At least, this is what we were all expecting from the body responsible for quality education in the country. Those senior high school students who were in charge of the misbehaviour were dismissed and even barred from writing the examination. This implies that they are to go home, period! Their future is now in limbo.

One will ask whether it is fair for the children to be dismissed. In my opinion, the decision taken by the GES is in the perfect direction. Such students can never make a good future of themselves and the country as a whole. But that is not the main justification of their dismissal. The punishment is going to serve too purposes. It is a repercussion for gross misconduct. What the learners did, has even attracted international attention.

It is only prudent to make the offending students face the consequences. He who calls the piper, dances to the tune. Another reason for such punishment is to serve as deterrence to others. People normally copy the lifestyles of others blindly. But in this case, it is mostly the negative behaviours which are emulated by most youths. The dismissal of the erring students will prevent others from indulging in such deviant behaviours. But others feel that it is not a good idea to dismiss the students.

What is your own opinion on the punishment handed to the erring senior high school students? Share your thoughts on this.

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