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AG, Achimota Secondary appeals on Rasta students ruling

Two institutions, the Attorney General's Department (AG) and the Achimota Secondary School has come out to challenge the initial ruling given by the Accra High Court that compelled the Achimota Secondary School to admit the two rastafarian students, Ohene a Nkrabea and Tyrone Iras Marghuy.

The Achimota School together with the AG's representatives are of the view and argues that, the ruling given on behalf of students at the Human Rights Court is a mum is carriage of justice.

Their lawyers are arguing that the students have breached the practice norm and if only they want to be schooled there, irrespective of their religious beliefs, there is a need to fall in line just as all other students have obeyed in order to simply gain their second cycle education and be trained by Educationists in the school.

The school together with their lawyers have therefore sent the case to the Appeals Court.

The two students are Rastafarians who were refused admission not until they cut down the type of hair they are bringing to the school. The two students and their guardians were not ready to oblige to cut down the dread locks on the basis that it is part of their religion.

They therefore won the case after their lawyers argued on their behalf at the Human Rights Court presided over by Justice Gifty Adjei Addo here in Accra on May 31 this year. 

They were then granted admissions into the school. 

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