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People Want To Milk Teachers For The Sake Of Licensure Renewal - Concerned Teacher Writes

Before the introduction of license into the teaching profession in Ghana, various professional bodies like drivers, GMA, GRNA, GBA to mention but a few had operating license. A lot of us were happy with this introduction of license into our profession because we thought we were now going to be true professionals.

Little did we know that people were going to take advantage  and EXPLOIT us in the cause of renewal of this license. We have always pride ourselves as teachers with the slogan "every professional can boast but the teacher taught them all". Why do we teach others to do the right thing but we ourselves cannot do things right?

If we are licensed professionals, what it means is that periodically, we have to renew the license. What is the lay down procedure for the renewal of the teachers license within a specified period of about 3 to 4 years?

We are told to attend CPD workshops to build 75 - 100 (depending on your rank) points within the three or four years interval before the license is renewed.

On two occasions teachers in the UPPER DENKYIRA EAST Municipality converged at the assembly hall of DSHTS and BOASS or CHURCH OF CHRIST at each occasion they were about 350 in number to attend the CPD workshop to build points.

On one occasion they paid 75gh to build 8 points and another occasions they paid 55gh to build 2 points.

Teachers in the Abuakwa North District are currently paying 75gh to build 4 points.Now, if a teacher is to build 100 points and by building 4 points from each CPD workshop, what it means is that the teacher must attend 4 times 25 CPD workshops to build the 100points.

And this is where the teacher is able to get all the 4 points for each attendance and this means the teacher must pay 75x25 before his license is renewed. ( GHC 1,875 yet teachers are given GHC 1,200 as professional development allowance at the end of the year.

If the teacher is not able to build 4 points from each attendance, then your guess should be as good as mine.

Besides the monetary aspect of this CPD thing, the way the workshops are organized leaves much to be desired. We have categories of teachers such as: Basic School Teachers, Second Cycle Teachers and Special School Teachers.

In the the name of professional development if you put all these categories of teachers in one room and teach them, what type of professionalism are you developing.*

Can you put doctors and nurses together and teach them because they all work at the hospital and deal with patients?

NAGRAT , GNAT, CCT and all stake holders in education must take a better look at this license renewal and the CPD before it gets out of hand for a stich in time.

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