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The kulpi junior high school victims get Medical check

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The sodomized 18 boys at kulpi junior high school in the East Gonja Municipality of the Savannah Region by their Teacher as it alleged.

These 18 boys who were sodomized by their Teacher,Natomah Otabel.

The children accompanied by their parents were issued a police medical forms to go to the salaga Government Hospital for medical examinationa.

The medical doctors at the salaga Government Hospital also referred the 18 victims to Tamale for the said examination which according to the families of the victims, The salaga Government Hospital was unable to run the necessary test for which they were referred to Tamale.

The Ghana police service in salaga are yet to prefer charges on the Teacher meanwhile he is in police custody.

The families of the victims were later in the news for saying that they don't have the money to take the children to Tamale.

The Salaga South MP, Hajia Zuwera intervenes after the news was shared.

The 18 victims were then sent to Tamale after the intervenience of the salaga south MP.

The 18 victims started off with counselling before the phsical medical examination started which the families of the victims were saying how they hope that the examination would be conducted and the report submitted to the Ghana police service in salaga for them to continue their investigation.

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