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GES To Distribute New Curriculum Textbooks: Improving Access to Textbooks make any real Difference?

GES To Distribute New Curriculum Textbooks:

Improving Access to Textbooks make any real Difference?

Ghana Education Service has taken delivery of textbooks for the newly introduced curriculum for basic Schools. The curriculum for the basic schools, that’s lower primary and upper primary was changed in September, 2019 and the Junior High Schools curriculum for JHS1 also changed in January, 2021.

Teachers have been instructing topics to in the new curriculum with the old textbooks while others bought unapproved textbooks to aid in the teaching of topics in the newly introduced curriculum.

Some Ghanaians did not understand why the Education ministry will introduce a new curriculum without textbooks, National Council for Curriculum and Assessment(NaCCA) uploaded the textbooks for the new curriculum on their website to be downloaded by teachers.  Majority of teachers were not able to access the textbooks from the NaCCA website.

Could improving access to textbooks make any real difference? The answer is yes. Textbooks matter, that’s why their absence from classrooms made headlines in the news item for some weeks in the country’s print media and television stations.

Textbooks have been part of the stock in trade of the educator for centuries. There is something special about a book. It has a very long life, far longer than that of the individual reader. It is accessible to anyone who can read the language in which it has been written. During the hours of daylight it can be read (accessed) without any other supporting technology at all. It needs no maintenance except the occasional strip of adhesive tape.

Education researchers are reluctant to pinpoint a single cause for a child’s poor performance at school. But many agrees that having access to textbooks is an important contributor to improved performance.

The function of a textbook is essentially to guide the teaching and learning of the curriculum in a particular subject. Against the backdrop of poor teacher context knowledge, textbooks play a fundamental role in supplementing teachers' knowledge deficits.

Students who have their textbooks experience better academic performance. 

Textbooks are usually part of a pedagogical design, it can be the center piece of a course syllabus, it can be used for self-study (students and professionals), teachers can assign just parts for reading. 

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