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Trending Story: Roman Catholic Priest are also Enjoying FREE SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL.

Would you believe that even Roman Father's are also enjoying FREE SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL in Ghana. This is unbelievable how can you remove other who doesn't give birth nor Marry enjoy free SHS. But believe me there is a reason behind it, it's not because they don't give birth and Marry so they can't enjoy free education.

Below is the reason let's check it out.

Due to free education, the burden on Roman Catholic fathers has been reduced because at first most parents used to go to the Catholic Priest for the school fees of their wards, especially when they are qualified for the Senior High School and had no money to sponsor them. They used to disturb these Priest a lot, but now thanks to his excellency the President Nana Addo Dankwa for introducing free education which has helped the Roman father from such a huge burden and also has given them a mind of peace for their work. Come to think of it, if free SHS was not introduced this means, most Roman fathers would have endured the burden of paying school fees of all children. Let's come to think of it it's not all the time they are able to pay all the school fees for everyone who comes to their aid but now, thanks to the current President, he has made senior High School free, comfortable and affordable to students and parent whether Rich or Poor to feel free in helping their ward to acquire their future dreams and desire.

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