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Guy In viral social media memes gains admission; shares matriculation Photos.

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Femi, a young guy who's been trending in numerous social media memes for a while now, after making a funny video flaunting Nigerian currencies in the news, finally gains admittion to university and shares photos of matriculation.

The famous Nigerian meme guy whose photo has become viral is now a student of a tertiary institution. Not long ago, he made a video where he showed off a handful of N1000 notes, boasting that he is now rich, and asking who will be visiting him for them to have fun and enjoy themselves.

In his recent post on Instagram under the handle name latestceleb1, the young man posed in a matriculation gown as he announced that he is now a student. He praised God for the next step he's taken in life.

He wrote, " Happy Matriculation to me...It's all been God".

Social media users also took to the comment section to express their views;

Kelly22 said; "Congratulations latest celebrity, your big fan from Cameroon."

abdulmateenabdulboss said: "Alaye no iron him gown, this guy na clown."

official_nsbloga_____ said: "Lol, you no see light iron your matriculation gown abi? Congrats."

jerrbernard said: "With this neck, this guy can never fail exams."

preciousx_87 said: "Happy Matriculation."

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