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Instead Of Concentrating On Their Books Look At What They Were Caught Doing In Class

The generation in which we have now is seems to be different as compared to the past, most of our young ladies has involved themselves into some situations which is not good.

As we all know, we are moving with evil spirits which will easy destroy your life due to your appearance and how you dress and many more.

Why I'm I saying all this?, it's because I saw a certain video on the social media platforms indicating how two female students were busily shaking their body during their free time.

Though there is a proverbs saying "all work and no play make back a dull boy" but what the students were doing is out of control.

Without much time let me highlight a bit story about the video and show you some of the pictures.

According to the video, two girls with a green school uniform were happily taking a short video of themselves busy twerking which some if the other students was also making noise by supporting their attitudes.

I was wondering if the school is girls school or mixed, this is so because I didn't see any boy in the video and I also thought that the boys may be outside by then.

The name of the school is not yet known, but I suggest that it will be located in the Ashanti Region because the students of Ashanti is always those doing such things.

Now you can take a look at some of the photos that I was able to get from the video below.

As you can see in the pictures above, the girls were proud of themselves for showing that attitudes.

Our students of nowadays needs our support in prayers this is that, some if them don't normally have that attitude but due to peer influences it will end up by them to also get themselves into it.

I just shared my opinion that I have about the video so if you also witnessed the video you can also drop your opinion in the comment box.

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