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If You are about to write WASSCE or BECE Kindly take note of these two things

Dear, it good you that you have been able to view this article. It will be helpful for you and all your classmates as well so kindly share with your friends. This article is to calm student who are scared and nervous about the exam they are about to write. I hope you have already gotten an index number as well. But you need to take note of these important things before the final am start.

1. Please do not copy when you are at the exam room:

I will advice you not to copy whiles in the room. We do not want to see what happened last year to happen again. Because of that, invigilation might be very tight in the exam hall. If so, eternal invigilator can course you a serious problem if you are caught. Even if you get an appor, learn it and avoid sending materials in the examination hall.

2. Don’t be scared when writing the paper:

Well, this might surprise you but deep down most students are scared of this exam. If you get into the exam hall, just read the exam very well and do the question you can do most before tackling others. This is not the time you must turn a prayer Worior. There is time for everything so take note of this. Let prayers be 40 percent and learning be 60 percent. After the exam, you can pray unto it 100 percent. God id in control. Believe that you will pass all your exams with good grades. Amen

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