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Hilarious "Atopa Agyei" Video By SHS 1 Student Welcoming By Seniors, Will Make You Smile

In a viral video that saw Seniors of a School in Ghana, welcoming and brightening up for a form one guy, who was rebuffed in the open to do the "atopa agyei" discipline.

Seeing this video gives me recollections of days at the boarding school, any individual who has been a border at any life experience school in Ghana can identify with this video. To our Day student who may have missed the fun, the "atopa agyei" discipline is a type of discipline, for the most part, given to youngsters or first-year students in life experience schools in Ghana.

Inability to do this discipline pulls in some genuine lashes and additional disciplines from the seniors who rebuffed you. This is the idea of the discipline, the lesser will lay his bed on the floor and will be made to bonk his cushion. On the off chance that it's professional, you become each senior top choice, if it's top-notch you are dead. This type of discipline is just normal in Boys' schools.

Notwithstanding, in the said video in this article, a student who was spotted energizing this type of discipline showed the seniors how it's truly done. In the video, the first-year student could be seen encircled by seniors who were holding belts, prepared to lash the spirit out of him if he falls flat.

From the beginning, this student was misbehaving, timid, and went about as though he doesn't have the foggiest idea how to do it, at that he got a few lashes before one senior showed the "atopa agyei" discipline to him. The amusing part is this discipline accompanies a tune so you should bonk the cushion with the beat.

Following the showing, this student got the pad and begun bonking it. He passed up adding more flavor by beating the cushion as though it was a woman lying before him. This discipline is generally done inside the dorms to conceal it from educators, yet this first-year student was brought to the open for the whole school to see.

The whole school being dazed begun yelling and hailing to him for executing the "atopa gyei" discipline staggeringly. This discipline is fun and funny however can turn truly savagery if the lesser won't do it. On the off chance that ten seniors are managing you, every one of them will give you at any rate 5 belt lashes each, occasionally they will keep hitting you till you cry.

Watch the video here

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