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World Teacher's Day: Four times Ghanaian teachers showed extreme competence and love for the job.

Teaching they say, is the profession that creates all other professions. Indeed without teachers no other profession will exist, clearly showing how fundamental teachers are to every society. Today, 5th October marks World teacher's day, and celebrated to show appreciation for their industrious contributions in our communities.

Everyone can call himself/herself a teacher but it takes attributes like good listening and communication skills, dedication, empathy, patience and adaptability for one to be a crème de la crème in teaching. In this article we have narrowed our write up to some professional Ghanaian teachers, who exemplified epitome of competence in the teaching profession.

Over the years we have seem some teachers go viral for their extreme dedication and benevolence towards of their students and today being teachers day, they're worthy of celebration to reappreciate their sacrifices and efforts.

Richard Appiah Akoto

Richard recieved mammoth praise after a picture of him teaching Microsoft word on a black board went viral. Ideally the topic should have been taught with computers, but since the school didn't have any computer, he improvised to sketch it on the board. His efforts didn't go unnoticed and was congratulated at an international Microsoft conference that was held in 2018 at Singapore.

Madina Adumtwumwaa Asare

Madina is another benevolent teacher in Kumasi who was also praised few months ago for paying fees for needy students. The female teacher in Kumasi was worried to see some students fail to report to school because they had school fees arrears. Their parents were unable to pay because they had been rendered jobless due to Covid-19 pandemic. She devised a project dubbed #helpmepaymyfees, solicited for support from the public and raised 4,500 cedis to defray their school fees.

Gloria Lardi Adakurugu 

Gloria became a heroine in Bonya presby school in Koforidua, after she raised some cash and topped up with her money to buy footwears, underwear, school bags, stationeries and painted a classroom. Gloria Lardi's kind gesture got to the Internet and received massive praise and support from the public to continue her foundation.

Mathematics teacher 

This teacher went viral two years ago after he devised an eccentric way of teaching his students fractions. In order to enhance their understanding in proper and improper fractions, he carried one kid on his shoulder to demonstrate proper fractions, thus fractions with numerator lesser than the denominator. He made the kid stand beneath him to demonstrate improper fractions, thus fractions with numerator greater or equal to the denominator. He was applauded by netizens for his improvisation and deservedly worth remembering, as we celebrate teachers today.

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