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Funds and Payment Plan for Academic Intervention For SHS Teachers Released

Teachers in the Senior High Schools have been teaching extra hours of the instructional periods specified by the Ghana Education Service, this extra hour is part of the academic intervention plan introduced by the Ghana Education Service. The academic intervention plan is for teachers to identify students with poor academic performance and devise strategies to help them cope with their peers, with the academic performance teachers identify slow learners, fast learners and put them into various categories for the intervention. Some students are given one on one tuition and guidance as part of the academic intervention.

The academic intervention was introduced to help teachers to identify the pace of learning lost among students due to the double-track educational system. Some students get the opportunity to attend extra classes during their waiting time in the double-track schools, such students can pick up with the pace of learning, students who attend extra tuition can complete the topics specified for each academic semester. Students who cannot afford extra tuition are likely to forget what they have been taught in the period of waiting for two-three months. Students in the double-track schools have to pause their academic semester for two months for their counterparts to have their session in the school, the support given to the students with the learning lost form part of the academic intervention.

The government agreed to pay allowance to the teachers who spent additional hours on academic intervention, teacher unions requested for the academic intervention allowance to be paid to teachers in addition to their salaries on the Controller And Accountant General Department (CAGD) payroll system, but the government refused and resulted to the payment of the academic intervention by tabletop, the fund is sent to the school account, the head and the school management determine how much a teacher is paid for the academic intervention. The first batch of payments created a lot of confusion in some Senior High Schools. Teachers in a verbal fight with their school management, a tax component was taken out of the intervention allowance which some teachers believed, the tax amount deducted was going to somebody's pocket, Government would have deducted the tax component from source before paying the monies into the schools account.

For the past three years, teachers have not been paid with the academic intervention allowance, some teachers are teaching in both tracks in the Senior High Schools no holidays for them to rest, the instructional hours have been increased and teachers are stressed up with no incentive package.

Teacher unions have negotiated with the government to pay the academic intervention in addition to teachers salaries through the CAGD payroll to avoid payment delays. This allowance through the payroll system will avoid confusion and will add up to the teacher's salary.

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