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How Did They Get The Exam Questions? SHS 3 Students Write "Apor" In Nose Mask To Exams Hall.

It's the time of the year where SHS 3 students who were registered sit for their WASSCE exam organized by WAEC (West Africa Examina Council). This is expected to be thier last exam which ushers them out of the 3 year Senior High School Systems.

The outcome of these exam is very crucial, because applying for admission to any tertiary institution or training college or college of education required you to perform well in this exam. As such, some students and tutors go through all length to ensure thier students pass the exam, and sometimes even the students too engage in exam malpractices so they don't fail.

Some of the known exam malpractices these students engage in include copying from other students, carrying foreign materials into the exam hall, getting assistance from unauthorized persons and sometimes chasing after "leaked papers".

The latest of them, is writing purported answers to questions in a nose mask. Nose masks are allowed into the exam hall due to Covid19, but these students have taken advantage of the situation and writing purported answers in them ti help them pass.

Pertaining to whether these answers were a true reflection of the questions, or where they got them from, we can't tell as we write this post.

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