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No Elective Subjects for SHS1 Students For 1 Year Starting 10th March 2021

At the point when school returns for SHS1 understudies whose positions have been delivered, they won't read any Elective Subjects for 1 year beginning tenth March 2021. 

This is a direct result of the Common Core Program (CCP) presented by the GES. 

It does exclude elective subjects straightforwardly identified with the projects the understudies will be reading for their initial one year at the Senior High School. 

The presentation of the new educational plan called the Common Core Program (CCP) begins from Basic School 7 (JHS1) and closures at SHS1. 

Once more, the SHS 1 understudies won't get familiar with any elective subjects since all the subjects to be instructed in SHS1 are very much like those being concentrated by the JHS1 understudies at the fundamental school level. 

They are Mathematics, Integrated Science, Social Studies, English Language, Computing, RME, Physical Education and Health, Creative Arts and Design, Career Technology, French or Arabic or Ghanaian Languages. 

The lone alternatives understudies may need to browse is the language subjects which incorporate French, Arabic and Ghanaian Languages. 

Hence, learning of Elective Subjects for SHS1 understudies will possibly begin when they get to SHS2 in 2022. 

At present, at the fundamental school, the new Common Core Program (CCP) has been presented for JHS1 understudies whiles the last two bunches that will utilize the old JHS schedule to compose the BECE are those as of now in JHS 2 and 3. 

Understudies in SHS 2 and SHS3 will likewise be the last clump of Senior High School understudies who will sit the WASSCE for school competitors dependent on the old schedule. 

When the current structure understudies in JHS and SHS 2 complete their BECE and WASSCE in 2022, the old prospectus for JHS and SHS will at this point don't be utilized. 

We encourage understudies to take the Common Core Program (CCP) subjects genuinely and construct strong establishments for year 2 and 3 at the SHS. This will set them up alright to dominate toward the finish of their examination at the SHS.

Content created and supplied by: Zakiu (via Opera News )

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