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Mind-blowing Profile Of The Indefatigable Female Principal Of Franco (Vim Mama)

Dr. Adwoa Kwegyiriba has been appointed the substantive Principal of St. Francis College of Education by the Governing Council following an advertisement in the daily graphic by the search committee. She took over the administration of the college on December 1, 2021.

Dr Kwegyiriba is a professional teacher who holds the Teachers Certificate "A" from the Komenda Colege of Education in 1998. She had a Bachelor of Education in Primary Education and a Master of Arts Degree in Development Studies, both from the University of Cape Coast. Dr. Kwegyriba's passion for knowledge and interest in academia led her to pursue further studies abroad where she obtained her PhD in Economies and Management of Education of Huazhong University of Science & technology (HUST) Graduate School of Education, Wuhan, China. Dr. Kwegyiriba as an astute researcher had authored 46 publications in peer reviewed journals and in the area of a logistics and transport, higher education management, quality, access and financing.

Dr. Kwegyriba is the National Director of Research for Women in Technical Education, a member of the Chartered Professional Administrators (CPA) and a professional fellow of the Chartered institute of Administrators and Management Consultants (CAMC) -Ghana.

Until her appointment as the substantive principal, she worked in different capacities at Takoradi Technical University from 2008. She was the Dean of the Centre for Languages and Liberal Studies

She also worked as an acting librarian (2019-2021). Her work at the Technical University was not only limited to managerial and administrative duties, but also academic roles. She was a Senior Lecturer at the Centre for Languages and Liberal Studies, where she taught Research Methods at the undergraduate level. She also taught research methods at the postgraduate level for the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport in the Western Region sector (2018-2021). Some of her students are deeply established in various prominent positions including current Deputy Director of Transport at the presidency, the Director of Logistics at the Ghana railways Authority. Director of Transport at TTU and the Director of Operations at Ports and Harbor (Takoradi). She has also mentored many lecturers and served as an external supervisor in many local and international universities. She mentored lecturers in publications across the department of hospitality, painting, languages, sculpture, tourism and fashion.

Dr. Kwegyiriba has risen through the ranks and has been at the forefront of providing academic leadership in relevant sections. She has been a management member, the acting librarian, the Dean of the Centre for Languages and Liberal Studies, and a senior lecturer at the Centre for Languages and Liberal Studies from 2013-2018. She also served as an Assistant Registrar Professor.

During her tenure as Dean, she helped the university to enforce the study of Chinese language. She also championed and advocated for offices for the Law Studies, the Language Studies, and the Social Development Departments at the university. Over the years, Dr. Kwegyiriba secured sponsorship for breast and cervical cancer screening for the entire university community which has become an annual ritual.

In her position as the Ag. Librarian, the library was signed up for the African Intellectual Development Database Excellence (AIDDE), which is a digital platform that tries to connect African university library resources together. She again signed the library up for the Consortium of Academic and Research Libraries in Ghana (CARLIGH). She again instituted a research and publication seminar for the library, which trained lecturers on a weekly basis in research and publications. She made a conscious effort to push two officers at the library to obtain their Master of Philosophy in order to replace her when her tenure was over. These officers had a mentorship from Dr. Kwegyiriba where she devoted herself to guiding them. She was chosen by the international Students Office to introduce English as a second language to some professors at HUST and was a lead member of a team that brokered a partnership in sponsorship between Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China and the University for Development Studies (UDS), Ghana. The partnership gave UDS a yearly sponsorship of Slecturer for PhD in HUST and a full equipped Huawei computer laboratory. She was also the trainer for the foreign culture department supervisors at Mianyang Foreign Language School in Chengdu province. She also founded the women of Wuhan (WOW) with a breakfast meeting every month where each member paid 25 Yuan extra to support needy children.

In addition Dr. Kwegyiriba was the initiator and coordinator of the China Africa Education Seminar, HUST (2010-2013). This seminar gave each African student the platform to present research findings on one educational topic in their home country compared to that of China and sought sponsorship thereof. Dr Kwegyiriba is highly respected as a scholar, a teacher, a mentor, a lobbyist, and a philanthropist. In 2020/2021 academic year, she paid the school fees of 53 students to help them access tertiary education in the community where she stayed and worked.

Her lobbying skills have yielded a positive transformation of higher institutions. She was a member of the Takoradi Technical University's Fund Raising Committee to convert the then Takoradi Polytechnic into a university in 2016.

Dr Kwegyriba is a fearless woman in all aspects of life and has gained the nickname "Vim Mama". The abbreviation V. 1. M. is coined from the phrase "Vision in Motion.

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