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Secondary Education


Beautiful SHS Girls Slaying In Uniforms During WASSCE Season That Will Make You Miss School

The final days of senior high school is here and that means we are about to get a handful of high school leavers in our community. There is just a few papers left, some with only one paper to write and others with two or probably more. After a long three years in senior high school, students are going through a test to prove how serious they have taken their studies and how ready they are for the outside world. These days are the most interesting days, as we try as much as we can to enjoy our last days in high school and make them memorable ones.

I remember very well when I was in high school during this period, I was praying that the last paper arrived just so I can get out of such a boring school. I was just fed up with school and even though I had so many friends whom I had fun with, I still felt like I was in a prison. Imagine having to wake up at 4am, having to report to school at 5am and following those tight schedules. On top of all that stress, you have no option than to eat the dining food. The dining food is another story to be told on its own.

So, if you are going through all these drama, tell me why you would not want to complete school and just move back home? Just days after I left school, the feelings changed, I wish I could get another month in school. Yes, that is what happens right after you leave school, you wish you could go back but then it's too late. All you can rely on are the good memories you have of your time in school.

Check out these beautiful photos of some senior high school girls having a good time in uniforms that will make you miss school.

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