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Secondary Education


How Time Flies. Talented Kids Winner Tutulapatu Gets Admission To Secondary School. Check Out.

The 2013 and 2015 talented kids' winner Tutulapatu is a full-grown man now. The dramatic transformation of the then small boy seems to overwhelm many people who saw him eight years ago. The talented kids with the famous punch line intro " menyin sin woyere ni skin tight”. This was, and it is still his intro even update. The young man is now a student of Saint John's Grammar School.

He shared photos when he gained admission to his favorite school Saint John's Grammar. Many people have advised the young man to be combine studies with music rather than focusing on only one of them. Other people also advised him to know the kind of friends to walk with since some people only come into our lives to destroy our bring us down abruptly.

On his Instagram page, the then kid has maintained and improve upon his lyrical content and still growing. In one of his freestyle which had many comments the rapper mentioned in his lines that “he fears no one can hold rap like pen when he is no more”

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Saint John Time Flies Tutulapatu


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