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Teachers and students who've disgraced their schools

These days, students are becoming hard to control. Many things go on in schools that school officials don't even Know about. It is sad to see how children behave these days, and with no regard for any authority. A lot of students these days , are engaging in practices that are not good for society. Many times have we come across news about how student behaviors are in appropriate. Students are putting up such ill mannered behavior, and there's nothing we're doing about it. And a lot of things have happened, to serve as prove for what am stressing on. We all have heard about how some students are disgracing their schools, with their actions and things they do.

Below shows some teachers and students who've allegedly disgraced their schools.

Ghana National College

Frederick Ayisi, a final year student of Ghana National College was caught to have raped a 16 year old form one student. It was said, he first lured her to a corner then took advantage of her.

Juaben Senior High

Two students here were arrested for gang raping a form one student. Daniel Opoku and Paul Otabil were reported to have taken undue advantage of recent power outages on campus, to rape a 15 year old girl on campus.

St. Louis Senior High

A teacher of name Douglas Adade, who had sex with students was caught to have given the victim one hundred million Ghana cedis to keep shut. Well those who do bad don't get away that easily, he was caught and the video was leaked online.

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Ghana National College


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