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Overcoming Challenges to Disability Inclusive Education.

The education being provided to persons with disabilities is of three types of special education. The one is 'segregated education' which occurs when students with disabilities learn completely separated from their peers. The another one is 'integrated education' which is a step towards inclusion. Students, in this model, usually arc integrated but are expected to fit in the school. 

Culture already existing. In 'inclusive education' the school, classrooms and programmes and activities are designed and developed in such a way that all students learn and participate together. 

Inclusive education means that:

"Schools should accommodate all children regardless of their physical, intellectual, social, emotional, linguistic or other 

conditions. This should include disabled and gifted children, street and working children, children from remote or nomadic 

populations, children from linguistic, ethnic or cultural minorities and children from other disadvantaged or marginalised areas or groups." 

The challenges facing successful implementation of inclusive education may be summarized as: challenges related to change from segregated settings to inclusion, meeting needs of both children with disabilities and the less challenged learners in regular classes, equity, infrastructural barriers, classroom learning. 

Ensuring that children and youth with disabilities have access to education and providing them with a learning environment that has appropriate materials and teachers with necessary skills for success in learning can be challenging.

Children with disabilities often go unidentified at birth, which contributes to their invisibility and exclusion from education and other services. For programs to meet a country or community’s educational needs, quality data should be collected in order to effectively prioritize, plan for and ensure the best use of resources, and appropriately inform programming needs.

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