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NOVDEC 2020 Candidates Should Know This Before Their Results Are Released

The majority of people believe that the wassce private examination is for the losers since they resit for it. Here lies the case that graduate students who are at home are believed to have either failed or facing financial catastrophe. Many people underrate novdec candidates but those people who criticize these Novdec candidates mostly indulge themselves in examination malpractice which favors them and puts them at the tertiary level leaving behind those who used their intellect to write their examination.

Because they cheated in their examination they go into the tertiary level and perform poorly. Which in their four years of school life some get expelled from the university and some pass-through holding a poor grade. These are the same people that say there's no job in the country and that's not the case. Most of their mates get prominent jobs to lay their hands on.

On the other hand, a novdec candidate who was able to pass the examination without no malpractices is considered as a shark and these candidates can never be defeated since novdec is not for the faint-hearted. Because they sat for the second time they are considered smart.

The main reason behind a novdec candidate's success in tenor tertiary education journey is because when their mates were going to the next level of their education, they were left home which affected them emotionally and psychologically. So when a second chance is given to them, they never misuse it rather make use of their chances in their educational journey.

Whereas those May/June wassce candidates that passed with examination malpractices go into the university and misuse their time and acquire bad grades at the end of their journey.

I pray to God to give you what your heart desires when your results are released. Thank you.

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