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Why Principal Rank is Difficult to Attain in GES

The Rank of Principal superintendent has been a dream of every college leaver who gets posted and teaches for at least 5 years.

To attain that rank directly, one should have a degree in an education related program offered in either a college or university.

The rank is two steps away from Senior Superintendent II, the rank of all college teachers enrolled for the start.

To attain the height after college, on has to serve for at least 10 years in urban areas or 5 years in rural areas through the promotional method.

To attain the rank through upgrading, one has to go on study leave, which is possible after serving for at least 5 years in urban areas and 3 years in rural areas according to Ghana Education Service headed by Prof. Kwasi Opoku Amankwah.

It is however difficult to attain that rank because it attracts a lot of money as salary, through that rank on can earn extra allowances such are responsibility and headship allowances which isn't possible at the lower ranks.

Due to this the Education service has stiffened the entry to ensure they don't spend so much in paying salaries and allowances.

Secondly, attaining the rank is difficult because the Rank is beyond Regional Directors. Regional Directors cannot Upgrade a staff to Principal till it gets approved by the director general, you can imagine the number of letters on his desk to be approved in that regard, that will mean taking years to complete.

However, one can be moved to other lower ranks by the approval of the Regional Director.

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Kwasi Opoku Amankwah


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