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NSS has Posted this lady to Teach at Boys' SHS. Ghanaians Predict Her Future in that School.

In Ghana, all tertiary completed Ghanaians are by law instructed to serve the nation for one year. It is called National Service. There is no way one can escape this service. Even before you get appointed into any public office in Ghana, you will have to provide a certificate that proves that you’ve completed one year’s national service successfully.

However, this lady here has been posted to teach at a certain Boys’ Senior High School. Indeed, some adults on social media have decided to join the class, where she will be teaching for obvious reasons. Others too have cautioned her to change her post because her backside alone will circumvent the boys in the class from fully concentrating.

This conversation has become imperative because many female teachers with this curvaceous stature have had backside attracting all the attention than the blackboard. This happens in many schools and even when a voluptuous woman teaches a bunch of roman fathers, this challenge will obviously manifest itself in 3D form.

What do you also think, should she change her post or continue to confuse the boys?   

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