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Have A Closer Look At The Mfantsiman School Crest And What It Stands For.

Have A Closer Look At The Mfantsiman School Crest And What It Stands For

You must know by now that Mfantsiman Girls’ Senior High School is our High School

Just as we are bringing back those nostalgic high school moments, we want you to learn a thing or two about the Mfantsiman school crest.

The Mfantsiman school crest is a shield divided into four sections.

Just like the coat of arms of a country or the national flag, the Mfanstiman school crest is packed with lots of objects with different meanings.

Let’s run you through the crest and what its symbols stand for.

Image result for mfantsiman school crestEagle

The large bird which is very strong can fly to higher heights and has very good eyesight. This emphasizes the importance of striving hard to achieve greater heights, not missing anything along the way with the sky being the limit.

Straw Basket ‘Brefi’ or ‘Floto’

A recognized symbol of the people of Saltpond ‘akyemfo’. Used by the Fantes whilst travelling down from the north where they are believed to have migrated from. Valuables were kept in this and held tightly till they settled at their present abode.

Claw of the Eagle

The grip of an eagle is powerful and firm. This symbolizes the need to hold onto what is good and right.

An Elephant Carrying a Warrior

This is the symbols of the Fante nation. The woman on the back of the elephant symbolizes the fighting spirit of the women of Saltpond.

*These meanings are a reflection on the kind of woman that emerges from Mfantsiman Girls’ Secondary School after the valuable time spent at the school.

Mfantsiman Girls’ Senior High School started with 70 students.

Mfantsiman Girls’ Secondary School was formerly known as Saltpond Girls’ Secondary School.

The school uniform was green in colour but was later changed to the mauve used up until now.

All the boarding houses in the school are named after former heads of the school.

The former anthem of the school was a latin song which is still used by KNUST as its anthem, and it goes like: Gaudeamus Igitor, Juvenesdum Sumus, Post Jucundem, Juvestutem, Pre Molestem Senectutem, Nos Habis Humus. Meaning: Let us rejoice now that we are young. For after youth comes old age. Before death is senility. Let us rejoice now that we have life.

18 boys graduated from the school.

The motto of the school in Latin used to be “Ad Aster Per Astera”, meaning Aim High.

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